Based on friend recommendations, our system lets users surf by friend and then join a virtual living room with viewers who have the same interests.


Shift people’s eyes off their devices and back onto their TVs. We connect viewers and get them talking about what they love.


Our cloud-based solution allows operators to quickly add social media options to their existing services. Start engaging with your subscribers now!

Social TV 2.0 for Operators

TV has evolved from a single viewer watching by himself. Now it’s an experience that virtually connects groups of friends who are all watching and sharing the experience through Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and much more. RelayTV’s platform provides rich sets of social features that bring together the connections people already enjoy and revolutionize how they watch TV.

Discover together

More than ever before, TV is a social activity. RelayTV lets viewers watch with friends who have similar tastes and interests and then talk about the show together in real time.

Surf by Friend

Our multi-channel friends screen allows viewers to  check out what their friends are watching. From there, they can channel surf to a virtual living room and watch together.

Interactive viewing

Our social features keep viewers engaged with their friends through their TVs, interacting and sharing precious moments with friends in real-time. This enables advertisers to market to a captive audience.

Innovative solution

RelayTV’s social TV solution is available on an Android-based set top box for immediate deployment.  The platform can also support other Android applications.


Depending on operator requirements, we can provide the middleware solution to support content and account management.

Multi-platform ready

RelayTV is structured to support multiple devices.  We provide a consistent user experience through a single, integrated solution for TV, computers and connected devices.

A new class of operators is emerging…
one that uses collaborative technologies to connect viewers and extend the reach to new customer bases.

Our social TV system offers viewers a lean-back experience and a true community for watching TV together. 

Our solution is designed to allow users to have fun and interact with their friends. Using our custom-designed remote control, viewers can further enhance their virtual living room experience with these features:
Viewers will be able to talk to each other. That’s right! Just talk naturally (as if your friend were sitting right next to you) and your friend will be able to hear you through his or her TV. From groans to screams, this voice-to-voice technology solution captures everything.
Everyone, right now
Gather your posse of friends and watch simultaneously together in RelayTV’s virtual living room. Share your opinions with them in real-time as you enjoy the shows you love together.
Flinging things

RelayTV enables spontaneous interactions across living rooms. Bad call? Terrible ending? Select the funimoticon™ of your choice and fling it onto the TV screen to express your feelings. Leave it all on the table, or the TV in this case, when sharing TV moments together on RelayTV.

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