“Time to Re-Invent Advertising…Again” says DMO Jenny Wang

In 2008, I was working at Yahoo! to bring full-length TV episodes online through Hulu. I was fascinated to see how the TV landscape would change in the coming years. I pondered questions such as:


“Would people sit in front of their computers to watch a whole TV episode?”

 “How would the presence or absence of this behavior affect advertising?”

“Will advertisers need to branch out from linear TV advertising to reach viewers?”

Fast forward just 5 years, and my questions have been answered. Viewers are watching all sorts of long form content on smartphones, tablets and computers. Those watching from a traditional TV demand more from their watching experience. The new problem how to keep second screen usage from eroding the   effectiveness of TV commercials.

The answer lies in more than just one platform, one network or one device. The key to capturing viewer’s attention will be a team effort. Content owners, platforms and advertisers will need to innovate like never before. Advertisers will need to span linear TV and all the accompanying devices used to view content in order to achieve optimal brand awareness.

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