HBO going OTT is no surprise to us; Hastings would agree

CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings described HBO’s OTT announcement today as “inevitable and sensible”.  As we had said before, the video industry is rapidly evolving and its future is in the hands of the consumers, who have been in the drivers’ seat for quite some time.


Faced with this changing landscape, the industry has to consider new business models and alternative modes of video distribution. That’s why Dish recently announced their $30/month “virtual cable” package.

At RelayTV, we think social TV is integral to this evolution. But not as a checklist “featurette” item, rather as a full enriched experience encompassing social recommendation, party watching and audience participation.  It’s what Millennials are already doing today on social networks in a disjointed sort of way – while watching videos with one app and chatting on another.

RelayTV would enable companies such as HBO or Dish to truly engage with their viewing audience who clearly now are much savvier and demanding.


Let’s Relay