Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is RelayTV?

A. RelayTV is a monetizable social TV solution for operators and content providers that allows viewers to see what shows their friends are watching right now, engage with them on the TV directly, and preview and watch with friends wherever they are – all in a virtual living room setting as if they were sitting next to each other. By speaking out loud (or laughing) naturally, friends can hear each other through the TV or device (using a remote control or smartphone). They get to share feelings during the show as they watch together.

RelayTV can easily be added to existing service packages through flexible software andreference apps, and immediately begin offering their customers the next generation in social TV. The solution is available on all screens (tablet, PC, TV) and all formats (live TV, VOD, OTT).


Q. Why should I be interested?

A. RelayTV offers three important benefits to operators:

  • A fully integrated social networking experience on the TV. In order for viewers to enjoy TV virtually with friends today, they must cobble together different apps (Skype, Google Hangout, etc), to get a short-term solution that doesn’t promote discovery of new content. Now, RelayTV’s cloud solution can be harnessed provide viewers with their own, completely integrated social TV network.
  • Powerful content discovery and engagement capability that retain viewers and create new revenue streams. The power of RelayTV for operators is its move the social interactions that happen while content is being watched from a second screen app to the primary screen (whether the TV, a PC or a mobile device), where operators have control. With RelayTV, viewers don’t leave the primary screen or operator environment to engage in a social experience, which benefits operators, service providers and advertisers. Additionally, social discovery and enablement of group watch drives interest and purchase in premium content such as video-on-demand and pay-per-view channels.RelayTV also delivers eye-opening analytics, such as duration watched, with friends watched, shows discussed, recent purchases, and favorite programming, which is actionable data that can define and shape important business decisions.
  • An affordable, customizable, quick-to-market solution. Regardless if you are an operator, STB, middleware, or SI, RelayTV is easy to adopt, is fully integrated with operator services and gives a competitive edge. And, immediate deployment can be done without affecting network infrastructure.


Q. How is RelayTV addressing Millennials?

A. Attracting subscribers and connecting them with the content they really want to see – particularly Millennials – is the holy grail for pay-TV operators. Because what drives Millennials is spending time and participating with their friends, RelayTV has developed a social TV solution that allows viewers to check-in, discover, watch together and interact in real-time – all in a single unified experience. RelayTV’s powerful content discovery mechanism drives viewer engagement, brings increased value for targeted advertising and stimulates interest and purchase in premium content such as video-on-demand and pay-per-view channels. And, RelayTV’s multimedia solution can be easily integrated into an operator’s backend for immediate deployment.


Q. Do you provide a middleware solution?

A. We provide middleware components that allow the operator-customer to manage their content and subscriber accounts. But first and foremost, we offer a hosted social TV solution that allows any operator to quickly offer social TV to any of their subscribers utilizing any middleware solution, and yes, including our own.


Q. What do you mean by Social TV?

A. The term “social TV” is used everywhere and applies to many things, so let us clarify.

Until now, Social TV has referred to posting and sharing comments on social networks about TV programs or movies you’ve watched, mainly using 2nd screen applications.

Many of these apps while providing a service around a feature like TV show check-ins don’t offer any deeper experience that watchers want. TV watching is still very much a social experience. Viewers want to engage with their shows whilst being engaged with each other. We define Social TV 2.0 to be in two parts: first the notion of multiple parties watching the same show together interacting as if they were all in the same room – as in a Virtual Living Room. But to join this virtual living room, the viewers discover the shows not by having someone else tell them what to watch, but they themselves choose by picking which roomful of friends to watch what show with. We call this second part Surfing-by-Friends.


Q. Do you provide a turnkey solution?

A. Yes, we can provide a full turnkey solution – whether you’re a new or existing operator. Either way, RelayTV can build your app for you, and provide the content middleware.


Q. I’m not an operator. Can I still incorporate your RelayTV solution into my product?

A. No problem, because of the modular nature of our RelayTV solution, whether you’re a STB or middleware provider to the operator, we can work together by integrating our social solution into your platform. We also have reference SDK apps for Android and iOS touchscreen environments, as well as JavaScript SDK for web enabled content. By integrating our solution allows you to better differentiate your product and in turn offer greater value added services to your customers.


Q. If I’m interested in your solution, how do I start?

A. The easiest step is if you already have content that you want to test from an IP distribution point. We can take that test source and route it directly to your STB or through any of the pre-approved STB on our list. This way you can see the video quality and use the social features immediately. We have the requisite technical (e.g,. SDK, API) documentation to preplan the scope of work needed for integration, which again is straightforward and uncomplicated. Please contact us and we can get you going right away!.