Follow Up: Chairman LC Lee on Broadcast Asia and Direction of Social TV

Day 3-0088

I was delighted to have been invited to speak at this year’s Social TV panel discussion at Broadcast Asia held in Singapore last week. This was my first time attending Broadcast Asia and I really enjoyed the trip. Singapore is such an amazing city; so well-organized and efficient.

It was an invaluable experience for me to talk about RelayTV with industry pioneers. Together with other panelists from Telstra, Applicaster, and Twitter we represented social media, and operator solution providers. This diversity made for a great discussion on the future of social TV. Although we all expressed different perspectives, we all agreed that there is an opportunity to combine social interaction with the TV watching experience, and strategic innovation is necessary to make all the pieces work together easily.

It was particularly reassuring to have other industry leaders validate the opportunities for social TV. The common theme discussed was the role social media plays

Day 3-0065

in our everyday lives. It has become the standard for how we communicate today, and it influences consumer and business behaviors. Leveraging the data behind it will afford us the visibility to real-time trends. But what will the future of social TV look like? How will it work? There is clearly no obvious winner nor singular pursuit. The key is to think out of the box and continue to be innovative about future business models while incorporating social media.

This is exciting to me because I believe RelayTV makes it easy and fun to share the TV watching experience! By integrating two-way interactive features on the TV, we meet the needs of the 18-33 year olds who prefer to maintain control over content consumption and social interaction. Our platform makes it possible to watch, talk, chat and share experiences together virtually on the first screen. To learn more, visit

All in all, a brilliant experience for me. Great food, great atmosphere, and great teamwork. A special thanks to my team for their support and the new friends we made at the show. I absolutely enjoyed it and I want to come back again!

Your excited friends,



Dare to do the Impossible



That might be the first breath we’ve taken in about three months, so please forgive us for not having kept you updated. The good news is, there are so many exciting things we have to share with you.

The last five months of our lives have been spent becoming experts in everything trade shows. Pulling off four trade shows in four months with two others currently in progress has proven to be challenging and adventurous.

If you have never had the luxury of organizing one of these behemoth projects, here is what it’s like: pick a good booth spot, pay a lot for that spot, book teams flights and hotel, save money, order internet from one company, order power from another, calculate wattage and voltage of every connected device, order carpet, order furniture, pay a lot more money, save a lot more money, take four hour drive to transport equipment to save on shipping, set up booth without AC on, order on-site technicians to install one extension cord, pay $130 for that ten minute effort, get shocked from all the wiring, lose your phone, lose your keys, lose your wallet, lose your hair, and almost lose your mind.

But the show begins, and it’s time to put on a smile, give hundreds of demos, refill water, serve popcorn, vacuum popcorn, massage your feet in secret, skip lunch, forget to use the bathroom, spy on competition, walk around to collect free stuff, stand awkwardly deciding whether or not the free stuff is worth the sales pitch, skip the free stuff, remember to eat, discuss leads for the day, grab dinner, make plans to enjoy the night, get back to hotel room and knock out. Wake up and do it all over again!

Oh the sweet life of trade shows. It is true that misery loves company; our company is more united than ever!

Jokes aside, it has been a fortunate experience for our small company. It has provided opportunity to brave adversity together, to become more resourceful than we previously thought possible, and to rely on each other’s abilities and strengths as colleagues and dare I say, friends.

Apart from the experience itself, we have gained so much traction with relevant companies. We have now demonstrated to thousands of people and businesses, most of who agree that we are on the forefront of the evolution of Social TV. Of course along the way, there have been a few naysayers who can always be discouraging, but it wouldn’t be a great idea without some healthy opposition.

So, we press on, more convinced than ever that this really is a great and progressive idea. People love it, we love it and without a doubt, you will love it. Stay tuned as we do the work of following and forging partnerships.

Your exhausted friends,



Humble Beginnings

Thousands of businesses are created a year as ambitious people chase great ideas and big dreams. Regardless of the pursuit or the outcome, each will have a story to tell. Stories filled with challenges, failures, victories, memories and plenty of learned lessons.

This Is Our Story

The RelayTV story began just a couple years ago with two guys and an idea. The guys – our founders LC Lee and Kye Cheung – realized the way we watch TV now is  so different from how they knew it growing up, and not necessarily in a good way. Having been raised through the 70′s and 80′s, they reminisce of days when the whole family would gather around the one TV in the house, all at a specific time, to watch the latest episode of Bonanza, Bewitched or Fantasy Island. It was a special way to share experiences as a group.. And sadly, thought LC and Kye, this way of connecting with people has been lost…until now.

With hopes of reviving the feeling once found in the comfort of a living room filled with family and friends watching TV, our fearless founders got a team together to start working on a technology that would deliver just that. Fast forward a couple years, a few new hires and a marketing specialist (that’s me), and the product they once dreamed of has become a reality. RelayTV is ready and is bringing back that nostalgic living room experience to thousands around the world through our countless demos at trade shows and in personal briefings. What we’ve found, is there is a deep-rooted desire by TV viewers to be connected to each other through the TV set, the way we once were.

This is just the humble beginning of our story – one in which people are chasing a big dream to change the way we watch TV. We hope you join us as we experience challenges, failures, victories, memories and lessons learned.

Welcome to our story!

Let’s Relay