Broadcast Asia 2014

Booth 5G4-03

You are invited. We hope to see you there.
Nǐ bèi yāoqǐng. Wǒmen xīwàng kàn dào nǐ zài nàlǐ.

Can you believe it? Our fifth trade show in six months and we are more excited than ever!

The winds are taking us across the world to the beautiful Singapore for the Broadcast Asia 2014 show. This will be our first time exhibiting in Asia. We are eager to introduce our solution to a new and exciting region of the world.

Will you be there?

We sure hope so! Please receive this as your official invitation to visit our booth 5G4-03 for a thrilling demo of our social solution, RelayTV. We guarantee you will not be disappointed or underwhelmed. Oh, and look out for the flying tomatoes!

See you soon.

Booth 5G4-03

Let’s Relay