Humble Beginnings

Thousands of businesses are created a year as ambitious people chase great ideas and big dreams. Regardless of the pursuit or the outcome, each will have a story to tell. Stories filled with challenges, failures, victories, memories and plenty of learned lessons.

This Is Our Story

The RelayTV story began just a couple years ago with two guys and an idea. The guys – our founders LC Lee and Kye Cheung – realized the way we watch TV now is  so different from how they knew it growing up, and not necessarily in a good way. Having been raised through the 70′s and 80′s, they reminisce of days when the whole family would gather around the one TV in the house, all at a specific time, to watch the latest episode of Bonanza, Bewitched or Fantasy Island. It was a special way to share experiences as a group.. And sadly, thought LC and Kye, this way of connecting with people has been lost…until now.

With hopes of reviving the feeling once found in the comfort of a living room filled with family and friends watching TV, our fearless founders got a team together to start working on a technology that would deliver just that. Fast forward a couple years, a few new hires and a marketing specialist (that’s me), and the product they once dreamed of has become a reality. RelayTV is ready and is bringing back that nostalgic living room experience to thousands around the world through our countless demos at trade shows and in personal briefings. What we’ve found, is there is a deep-rooted desire by TV viewers to be connected to each other through the TV set, the way we once were.

This is just the humble beginning of our story – one in which people are chasing a big dream to change the way we watch TV. We hope you join us as we experience challenges, failures, victories, memories and lessons learned.

Welcome to our story!

Let’s Relay


Partnership with Octoshape


LiveRelay Selects Octoshape to Make “Group-Watch” a Reality

Social TV Entertainment Platform Powers Up with Infinite HD-M

Phoenix – January 7, 2014 – LiveRelay, a revolutionary social TV platform, announced today that it has selected Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based streaming technology, to serve as the infrastructure beneath its Relay TV social media platform. This platform enables consumers to connect with friends and chat directly through their television.

LiveRelay, which targets socially connected TV viewers in the United States, offers a unique TV viewing experience that includes the ability to channel surf by what friends are watching. While watching the same show in different locations, viewers can talk and text each other through the TV.

“LiveRelay TV is the next big thing in social TV. Viewers can watch with friends as if they are in the same room together without the complexity of a second screen application,” said Kye Cheung, CEO of LiveRelay. “Our powerful technology is dependent upon reliable connections Octoshape provides to our end users. Octoshape is also able to provide the low buffering times we needed to mimic the TV-like experience users are accustomed to.”

Octoshape’s renowned video acceleration network provides a differentiated, patented technology platform that enables the evolution of global, cloud-based broadband TV. The patented routing algorithms combined with the suite of multicast technologies enable operators TV quality while enabling cost effective commercial models for premium content owners to reach millions of subscribers worldwide.

“Providing the content delivery network for LiveRelay’s unique social TV platform gave Octoshape the opportunity to partner yet again with one of the most innovative companies in the OTT IPTV space,” said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. “By combining live and catch-up TV together with strong social media integration, we believe that LiveRelay has a compelling offer for this fast growing market.”

Octoshape’s technologies are adopted by leading broadcasters, content owners and technology providers in the world enabling them with TV Everywhere and OTT IPTV services at the highest possible quality. The global broadband TV platform outperforms traditional content delivery technologies across all key metrics, including startup time, buffer time; quality and view time.

About Octoshape

Streaming media innovator Octoshape provides the enabling technology required to bring TV quality, TV scale and TV economics to the public Internet. The company is writing the next chapter of content delivery for broadband IPTV services. The Octoshape approach is more scalable, flexible and affordable than traditional content delivery (CDN) schemes, while providing feature-rich, high-quality viewing to the largest of audiences.

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For Octoshape:
Michelle Soltesz
Sr. Director Marketing & Communications
+1 973.349.9818

About LiveRelay, Inc.

LiveRelay is an IPTV service platform that puts social media into TV. Our RelayTV platform offers viewers a simple and powerful interface with rich social networking features not available with traditional IPTV offerings. New social TV concept of “group-watch” can increase customer reach and stimulate viewer involvement. For a free demo, call (858) 348-1710.
For more information, visit rtv-wp.localhost
For LiveRelay, Inc.:
Jenny Wang
Director of Marketing


NAB 2014

You are invited! That’s right; we are heading back to Vegas for the exciting NAB Show. Please come by and see us on the second floor of the South Hall at Booth 10413. We will be the crazy booth that has traveled back in time to the 80’s. Complete with bell bottoms and neon colors, we will be serving fresh popcorn and refreshments all day long.


During our stay at the NAB, we will be featuring our latest technology including our exciting voice chat feature which we kept exclusive to our private suite at CES. In addition, we will unveil something never before seen and is sure to stir the industry.


Booth 10413 on the second floor of the South Hall. Do not hesitate or you will miss out. Be there or be square.

Let’s Relay


CES 2014


LiveRelay Inc has had an exciting start to the New Year. 2014 is our year! Showcasing our new product at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was as exciting as the feedback we received on it.