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Follow Up: Chairman LC Lee on Broadcast Asia and Direction of Social TV

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I was delighted to have been invited to speak at this year’s Social TV panel discussion at Broadcast Asia held in Singapore last week. This was my first time attending Broadcast Asia and I really enjoyed the trip. Singapore is such an amazing city; so well-organized and efficient.

It was an invaluable experience for me to talk about RelayTV with industry pioneers. Together with other panelists from Telstra, Applicaster, and Twitter we represented social media, and operator solution providers. This diversity made for a great discussion on the future of social TV. Although we all expressed different perspectives, we all agreed that there is an opportunity to combine social interaction with the TV watching experience, and strategic innovation is necessary to make all the pieces work together easily.

It was particularly reassuring to have other industry leaders validate the opportunities for social TV. The common theme discussed was the role social media plays

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in our everyday lives. It has become the standard for how we communicate today, and it influences consumer and business behaviors. Leveraging the data behind it will afford us the visibility to real-time trends. But what will the future of social TV look like? How will it work? There is clearly no obvious winner nor singular pursuit. The key is to think out of the box and continue to be innovative about future business models while incorporating social media.

This is exciting to me because I believe RelayTV makes it easy and fun to share the TV watching experience! By integrating two-way interactive features on the TV, we meet the needs of the 18-33 year olds who prefer to maintain control over content consumption and social interaction. Our platform makes it possible to watch, talk, chat and share experiences together virtually on the first screen. To learn more, visit

All in all, a brilliant experience for me. Great food, great atmosphere, and great teamwork. A special thanks to my team for their support and the new friends we made at the show. I absolutely enjoyed it and I want to come back again!

Your excited friends,