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TV Connect

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This year is fixing to be a break-through year. First CES and now TV Connect just about 2 months later.

We are heading across the Atlantic to visit the eclectic and beautiful Olympia, London to exhibit at the 10th year anniversary of TV Connect. We feel so privileged and honored to exhibit at such a great show. Not to mention, this will be our very first time exhibiting internationally and we can not wait! We truly believe that our product can really change the way people watch TV around the world…forever.

Wish us luck as we will be surrounded by many great companies and even a couple competitors, but we are confident the world will see just how special RelayTV truly is.

Keep up with us as we continue this adventure. Your support is much needed and very appreciated.

Let’s Relay


Humble Beginnings

Thousands of businesses are created a year as ambitious people chase great ideas and big dreams. Regardless of the pursuit or the outcome, each will have a story to tell. Stories filled with challenges, failures, victories, memories and plenty of learned lessons.

This Is Our Story

The RelayTV story began just a couple years ago with two guys and an idea. The guys – our founders LC Lee and Kye Cheung – realized the way we watch TV now is  so different from how they knew it growing up, and not necessarily in a good way. Having been raised through the 70′s and 80′s, they reminisce of days when the whole family would gather around the one TV in the house, all at a specific time, to watch the latest episode of Bonanza, Bewitched or Fantasy Island. It was a special way to share experiences as a group.. And sadly, thought LC and Kye, this way of connecting with people has been lost…until now.

With hopes of reviving the feeling once found in the comfort of a living room filled with family and friends watching TV, our fearless founders got a team together to start working on a technology that would deliver just that. Fast forward a couple years, a few new hires and a marketing specialist (that’s me), and the product they once dreamed of has become a reality. RelayTV is ready and is bringing back that nostalgic living room experience to thousands around the world through our countless demos at trade shows and in personal briefings. What we’ve found, is there is a deep-rooted desire by TV viewers to be connected to each other through the TV set, the way we once were.

This is just the humble beginning of our story – one in which people are chasing a big dream to change the way we watch TV. We hope you join us as we experience challenges, failures, victories, memories and lessons learned.

Welcome to our story!

Let’s Relay