Find the best shows by checking out what friends are watching now.


Enjoy real-time TV discussions together with friends.


Viewers can literally speak out loud to their friends about the show they’re watching, as if they were sitting right next to each other.

Win Back Millennials

TV has evolved from a single viewer watching by himself, especially for Millennials. They are connecting with friends to share TV together using Twitter and Facebook. Our platform provides rich sets of social features that bring together the connections Millennials already enjoy and revolutionize how they watch TV.


Viewers can watch with friends who have similar tastes and interests and then talk about the show together in real time.

Surf by friends

One simple click allows viewers to check out what their friends are watching.


Using our push-to-talk voice chat feature, viewers can speak naturally to friends for them to hear through the TV.


Text messages appear right on the TV screen when viewers type and send messages to each other during shows.


Bad call? Terrible actor? Viewers can select and fling an object of their choice onto the TV screen and laugh about it together.


Let your audience preview premium content through their friend’s subscription for a limited period before purchasing.